The perfect gift


We are not close to Christmas. We are several months past my birthday and Fathers Day is long gone. Therefore, its now safe to discus something very important.
; The Perfect Gift. Everyone knows time is money. So why do people give gift cards? Gift certificates and cards are like giving negative time. To have to go out and shop is a time suck for most people. I guess I’m not like most people, I don’t like to shop. The perfect gift for me is time. Time by myself is usually even better. The best way to receive a block of time all by myself is with , of all things, a cigar. With the gift of a cigar, it’s basically like giving me an hour all by myself with nothing to do but enjoy the smoke, smell, taste, and the calm that overtakes me when smoking a cigar. Nobody in my family wants to hang around me when I smoke a cigar, which is bad when I want to hang with them, but not so bad when I need an hour to be alone. Friends that share my love of cigars are, well, there aren’t any. Only my brother will smoke with me. He lives a busy life two hours away, so we don’t get more than a few times a year to share a good smoke. Another problem is that all the fine establishments near by won’t allow me to smoke! Never the less, a fine cigar is still the best gift you can give, as far as I’m concerned.

If anyone reads this, and you want, I’ll be happy to bring you a cigar and share an hour with you. My gift to you…

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