Project Bios


Todd and Stacey from Yogurt Farms in Santa Rosa opened a new shop in the Windsor Town Green. The new shop is a ‘self-serve’ venue as a contrast to the Santa Rosa shop. Of course the paramount issue with this type of set up is cleanliness. They wanted to offer many toppings but it had to be done in a way that kept the product fresh, sealed and attractive without taking up the entire wall. Because space is always limited we had to find a way to stagger the topping containers so that they could be reached by everyone. I took the purchased topping container and fabricated a wall bracket to hold them securely to the wall at three different lengths. Then each length was hung at one of three heights to give the staggered configuration that we desired. Because this is a food service business and will be cleaned often I used stainless steel for the brackets with a slight brushed polish. The catch tray was also made of polished stainless for easy cleaning and great acetic. Slots were cut into the sheet so that any spilled toppings would fall below, out of sight. Todd and Stacey came to me with examples of many ideas they had researched. Together we accomplished the goal. By the way, Yogurt Farms is the best frozen yogurt shop hands down- anywhere.





disciples_church_slide2-300x200Stu from Disciples Church in Folsom, CA contacted me because of some custom key chains I made for him in the past. His church was moving into a new space and he needed a sign that would catch the eye, represent the aesthetic they were going for and be able to mount securely and temporarily. With these design constraints, I developed a large metal sign that accomplished all that was needed. It was just natural then when Disciples Church needed a cool, custom designed table for reception areas, coffee, and even a computerized check in center for the children’s area, he came back to me for ideas. Stu gave me a few parameters and within a day I submitted several design sketches. He immediately chose the one I dubbed “Starship Enterprise”, and the project was off. For both projects, we used Hot Rolled Steel plate with elements polished and a complete clear poly coat to finish them off. This brings out the deep glossy black texture of the raw metal while preserving the shiny polished parts for a sharp contrast. Templates were provided for mounting the sign and anchoring the tables to aid in installation. It is very satisfying to see work I have done that fulfills its purpose while helping to create the desired atmosphere.