If I was a metal

candle holder, center piece, metal work

If I had to chose a metal that best reflected my personality, what would it be? This question was posed by a fellow metal worker on his website. Each employee got to chose a metal and describe why it was a representation of themselves. Honestly I’ve never thought about it much. Once when a Church team leader wanted to identify different groups, he asked each what our favorite color was. He would then make us identification tags in that color. Each team of three or four got their own color. People got really into this. When it came to my turn, I answered the honest truth; the color of metal. He just looked at me.  I ended up with grey name tags for my team.

Of course raw metal can be any color of the rainbow depending on the material makeup, heat treatment, condition etc. I think that’s why I find it so interesting; its like people or feelings, hard to define. For me to answer the question, I would like to say some exotic hard to machine “unobtanium” but I’m probably more like plain old carbon steel. Sure, its abundant, low cost and a bit dirty, but the most beautiful things can be made out of it.From a simple candle holder, to a bridge that connects across the San Francisco Bay.

Obviously , as I see it, its the design rather than the material itself that speaks. Great design trumps technical mumbo jumbo. Not to say that material choice isn’t of paramount importance, but don’t forget great design as well. I would love to design something for you.


So what type of metal would you be? Or, if that’s too difficult, what’s your favorite color?…




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