How do you cut PVC?

I’m glad you asked. Anyone can cut PVC. The plumbing in your house is probably made of PVC. You may have worked with PVC in your sprinkler system like I have. The PVC we work with at Trueform is much different however. Instead of 3/4″ or 1/2″ that you would use at your home, try 12″ and forget about nice and easy 90deg cuts. Our customer, Mitered Drain came to us seeking another supplier for the difficult 18deg cuts required in their PVC products. The current project they are working on is for a high tech company’s new facility in Texas. Mitered Drain supplies high quality, simple runoff drains for residential and commercial markets. Their design employs a very difficult to cut, acute angle in thick walled PVC, then a custom manufactured grate is fastened to the cut surface. Trueform has developed a technique to reproduce this sharp angel cut leaving a smooth machined cut every time. By listening to what the customer needed and developing a repeatable process to make these cuts, Trueform has made a great relationship with Mitered Drain for years to come. Part of this process was to design and fabricate this cutting device that finish cuts the angle on the PVC. It basically becomes a manual milling machine that mills the rough cut flat. Each part comes out perfectly like the last. Consistency, accurate, just what the customer wanted. Trueform’s goal is to build solutions like this for you and your company. Please contact me anytime for a free¬†consultation.


PVC CUtter

  custom cutting device

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