Big Magnetic “S”

Letter magnetic

“S” Magnetic / chalk board


Happy New Year to you! I hope your holidays were as great as ours! Check out our new magnetic wall hanging in my living room. It held all of our Christmas cards this year. We can do all letters or numbers, anything you like. We like the raw metal surface but you can chalkboard paint them, powder coat, zinc or Galvanize, whatever. Trueform is here to customize for you. As 2014 starts out, we are working on all types of projects. From sporting goods to construction, commercial replacement parts to custom novelty items. If its metal (plastic, carbon fiber, wood, etc…) we can have one made for you, or one thousand…

How do you cut PVC?

I’m glad you asked. Anyone can cut PVC. The plumbing in your house is probably made of PVC. You may have worked with PVC in your sprinkler system like I have. The PVC we work with at Trueform is much different however. Instead of 3/4″ or 1/2″ that you would use at your home, try 12″ and forget about nice and easy 90deg cuts. Our customer, Mitered Drain came to us seeking another supplier for the difficult 18deg cuts required in their PVC products. The current project they are working on is for a high tech company’s new facility in Texas. Mitered Drain supplies high quality, simple runoff drains for residential and commercial markets. Their design employs a very difficult to cut, acute angle in thick walled PVC, then a custom manufactured grate is fastened to the cut surface. Trueform has developed a technique to reproduce this sharp angel cut leaving a smooth machined cut every time. By listening to what the customer needed and developing a repeatable process to make these cuts, Trueform has made a great relationship with Mitered Drain for years to come. Part of this process was to design and fabricate this cutting device that finish cuts the angle on the PVC. It basically becomes a manual milling machine that mills the rough cut flat. Each part comes out perfectly like the last. Consistency, accurate, just what the customer wanted. Trueform’s goal is to build solutions like this for you and your company. Please contact me anytime for a free¬†consultation.


PVC CUtter

  custom cutting device

Whats New?

Grand Tetons, Beer

Yes, that is a Grand Teton Sweetgrass American Pale Ale posing with my brother in front of the GRAND TETONS!

Whats new? everything. I have not posted lately because I have just returned from a whirlwind trip to Wyoming to celibrate my grandmothers 90th birthday. While my Dad, brother and I were there, we went on sevral shop tours. Wyoming is machine, fab and toy shop central. Who knew? The oil fields are very dependent on local machine shops as well as the huge AG business around there. And when everyone is done working in the shops or in the field, they go home to play in their personal shop. I must have viewed over 75 motorcycles (indoor only) , a few boats, many many cars including perfectly restored 60s’ and 70s’ muscle cars, snowmobiles (not ‘snow machines’ in this part of the country)and more than one race car. I was born in Wyoming and I have never been more proud of that fact. The people of Cody WY are the proudest people I have ever met. Not in a bad way, just in an honest way. I cant wait to go back. Great landscape, great people, great towns, great beer. Next time there will be some vintage dirt bike riding- no joke.

A Hammer, Nail and a Welder

milling, tooling

This is a tool being milled to shape and size.

A wise man once told me when I was just starting out as an apprentice at BEPEX, “Scott,” he said, ” What we are doing here is special. We are elite. There are not many like us.” He had my attention. After all, I was just a new apprentice. I had started as a grinder. That is one step up from the very bottom; sweeper. I actually had the huge responsibility of polishing, de-burring, sanding, surfacing and general “clean up” of all types of fabricated items. From small hand held components to huge school bus sized (and much bigger) pressure vessels. As a grinder, the finished product that we shipped often was last touched by me. In the food and chemical industry, finish is quite a big deal. After a year or so, I won a welding/ fabrication apprenticeship. I can still remember looking into the eyes of my mentor as he slowly explained his aged theory. He went on,” Scott, in every garage across Sonoma county, and anywhere for that matter, you will find a hammer, nails, a screw driver or two, a hand saw and other carpentry tools. You will rarely find a welder. A milling machine. A shear. A press break, etc…” He was right. That day I realized that, he and other mentors over the years would share with me a new language. New skill sets. Contacts. Age old processes that have not changed for 100 years. And the ability to invent new processes to accomplish a desired result. He and others would share a culture not understood by many but critical for everyday life of everyone on earth. I have been trusted with a lot more than job instructions or a career. It wasn’t until I started Trueform that I realized that people sometimes need someone that speaks the language. Someone that can identify a problem and come up with a manufactured solution. I am that person.

So, what’s your problem? And how can I develop a fix for you?

Trueform – definition

TRUE: to bring (an object, wheel, or other construction) into the exact shape, alignment, or position required.

FORM: the visible shape or configuration of something.

I have been dreaming up what I wanted Trueform to be for about a year now. During that time, I have worked on some really interesting projects for others and myself. In the process, I am always fine tuning and discovering what this company will be. I hope to write about the progress along the way here. I’ve never been a writer but I believe it can be very useful to gather and process ideas. Also to showcase special jobs I’ve done. I have a few large possible projects on the horizon but I am also excited about a few new product samples I will be finishing up soon. I know these products will be well received in the local bars and restaurants as well as auto retailers. I think those targets are ambitious enough, I’ll update my progress soon.