Blog Topics upcoming…

Now that Morgan @ The Central Office has given me the opportunity to be a blogger, here is a short list of the upcoming blog topics I plan on touching on;

-What I do at Trueform

-The perfect gift

-The finish is everything

-Hammer, nail and a welder

-Metalworking’s biggest misconceptions

-If I was a metal…

-Art   Craft   Science


No certain order and I may not get to all of them but just stay tuned and I’ll do my best.IMG_4908

Who would want to read a post from me you ask? I have no idea. Michael Hyatt, one of my digital mentors, started his blog to organize his thoughts, explore new ideas and document his journey among others. I wish to do the same. So, if nobody ever reads this, fine. It will be a huge help to me just to get ideas down on paper. If everyone starts reading, watch out, I’ll need your credit card!


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