A Hammer, Nail and a Welder

milling, tooling

This is a tool being milled to shape and size.

A wise man once told me when I was just starting out as an apprentice at BEPEX, “Scott,” he said, ” What we are doing here is special. We are elite. There are not many like us.” He had my attention. After all, I was just a new apprentice. I had started as a grinder. That is one step up from the very bottom; sweeper. I actually had the huge responsibility of polishing, de-burring, sanding, surfacing and general “clean up” of all types of fabricated items. From small hand held components to huge school bus sized (and much bigger) pressure vessels. As a grinder, the finished product that we shipped often was last touched by me. In the food and chemical industry, finish is quite a big deal. After a year or so, I won a welding/ fabrication apprenticeship. I can still remember looking into the eyes of my mentor as he slowly explained his aged theory. He went on,” Scott, in every garage across Sonoma county, and anywhere for that matter, you will find a hammer, nails, a screw driver or two, a hand saw and other carpentry tools. You will rarely find a welder. A milling machine. A shear. A press break, etc…” He was right. That day I realized that, he and other mentors over the years would share with me a new language. New skill sets. Contacts. Age old processes that have not changed for 100 years. And the ability to invent new processes to accomplish a desired result. He and others would share a culture not understood by many but critical for everyday life of everyone on earth. I have been trusted with a lot more than job instructions or a career. It wasn’t until I started Trueform that I realized that people sometimes need someone that speaks the language. Someone that can identify a problem and come up with a manufactured solution. I am that person.

So, what’s your problem? And how can I develop a fix for you?

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