We listen to our customers, anticipate their needs, design a solution to suit the requirement and use all of our resources to bring the idea to fruition.

Home and Office Products (our online store is coming soon!)

We have designed and manufactured a line of home and office products that is functional and stylish. From candle holders to business card holders, bookends to reception tables; this line of sophisticated yet simple pieces reflects a new and fresh design aesthetic that draws people in. We want everything we design and build to result in interest from the onlooker. To maintain this freshness, items are always being added to our collection.

Custom Marketing Displays

A major focus for Trueform is custom marketing communication fixtures and displays. Banner stands, displays and signage all have an effect on customers. When you have TRUEFORM custom manufacture something for your retail environment, restaurant or office, customers will be drawn in.

CAD, Machining, Fabrication, Waterjet cutting, Laser or flame cutting and Finishing

Whether an item or assembly requires machining, fabrication or finishing; Trueform can handle a wide range of value added services in an efficient and cost effective way. With close to twenty years in fabrication and machining we can handle a very wide range of projects. From food and chemical processing components, to construction fixtures or even consumer products, we can do it all.

I am eager to work with you.

Scott Streeter